Custom Boxes and Totes

#1 Custom Boxes and Totes in Orange County

With over fifty years of industry experience, Digital Pac Incorporated has steadily formed a reputation, as the number one supplier of custom boxes and totes in Orange County. In terms of exporting our products, Digital Pac Incorporated supplies custom boxes and totes intended for orders both small and large. This way, we are able to cater our services to both individuals and organizations. In regards to the production process, we are able to diversify our methods depending on the quantity of boxes and totes required.

Custom Boxes and Totes – Quality and Service

When complying with a low-quantity order, we handcraft our boxes, taking full advantage of the greater amount of time available for production. When tasked with mass-producing custom boxes, we employ the use of automated machinery and production methods, to keep pace with demand. In an effort to create the custom box completely unique to your precise specifications, our team is tasked with assisting you through every step of the process. From the initial inception and prototype phase, followed by samples and production, your custom boxes and totes are guaranteed to meet your every need. Contact a Digital Pac Inc. representative today, to begin designing your custom box, and bringing your creation to life.

At Digital Pac Incorporated, we offer custom boxes and totes that are made with all of your storage necessities in mind. Using a method known as Casemade, we craft our custom boxes and totes to resemble a turned edge, book cover style. This thoughtful decision-making in the design of our boxes, lends them a sleek look, while also remaining structurally sound. Combining visual appeal with physical functionality, we’ve created a winning formula that simply can’t be matched anywhere else.