About Us

Established in Santa Ana, California, Digital Pac Inc. has been proudly serving its loyal customers for the last 35 years.  What started out as a simple plan to sell custom vinyl binders and tabs, eventually progressed to incorporate high-quality promotional boxes and custom cigar boxes.  Despite the considerable growth that the company has enjoyed, Digital Pac Inc. hasn’t forgotten where it came from. As a result, the company boasts an impressive customer retention rate, in addition to gaining new customers everyday.  With over three and a half decades of experience, Digital Pac Inc. looks forward to serving its community for the next three and a half.

At Digital Pac Inc., we believe that our services should be available to all who need them. Therefore, Digital Pac Inc. offers short-run production, in addition to high-volume production. For those who are unfamiliar with these terms, short-run production refers to a manufacturing technique that involves small orders, while high-volume production deals with significantly larger orders. This decision to supply both services, hentai not only makes it convenient for existing customers, but also attracts new customers who are in need of both services. Whether it’s a small shipment of 5-10 binders, or a large order of customizable cigar boxes, Digital Pac Inc. has you covered.

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